Training & Seminars in Tourism: Topics

Get first hand information from professionals: At your desired date, with a closed participant group and at a fixed flat fee. This offer is expecially interesting for hotel chains, tourism organizations and marketing alliances (» see our clients).


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 Managing Hotel Reviews

In our two 4-hour-training courses, you will get first-hand-information for managing hotel reviews and working with your hotel’s online reputation. The events are exclusively designed for hospitality professionals. You will be enabled to make the most out of TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck, Google & Co. A maximum of 20 participants garantee a high learning effect.

  • Overview: Hotel review portals
  • Background knowledge about reviews
  • Movivating guests to post reviews
  • Legal matters
  • Responding to reviews
  • Reviews for quality management
  • Monitoring tools
  • Complaint management, on- and offline
  • Integrating guest feedback in internal processes

Mastering Guest Feedback: on-site and online

In this full-day seminar, the elements of complaint management versus dealing with online criticism are discussed. False handling of guest feedback during a stay at the hotel could directly lead to negative online reviews. Additionally we present techniques how to motivate guests to express feedback directly on-site.
  • Background: Why complaint management is so important
  • Correlations and differences of complaint management and online reviews
  • Professional handling of criticism
  • Strategies for feedback management
  • Stimulating guest feedback on-site
  • The new mobility: How smartphones & tablets change feedback management


Turning 'Lookers' into 'Bookers': Getting more direct bookings

More and more bookings are received through OTAs like or Expedia. How can I achieve more direct bookings as a hospitality business? In this seminar, you will get hands-on tips from experienced tourism professionals for better navigation through the online distribution jungle.
  • Overview distribution & sales
  • Why are OTAs so successful?
  • Challenges "Best Price"
  • Website optimization and direct booking
  • Turning emails into bookings


Guest Experience: 100+ ideas how hotels can 'wow' their guests

Positive experiences are the main reason why guests turn into loyal guests. In this seminar, creative guest surprises are presented and participants can develop ideas for their own business.
  • Why 'wowing' your guests is so important
  • A journey through a hotel from the guest's perspective
  • 100+ ideas for positive guest experiences
  • Develop 3 ideas for your own business


Professional Email Offers: Turning Inquiries into Bookings

In this seminar, participants optimize their email offer templates. A high level of practical relevance is guaranteed thanks to a mystery mail check and many specific tips and recommendations. In additio,n participants can revise their existing templates with professional help.
  • Overview: trends, numbers, facts
  • The “perfect” email offer with examples
  • Legal framework
  • Working efficiently
  • Results of the Mystery Mailcheck
  • Optimizing your own templates


Successful Use of Google Ads: Dos and Don'ts

In this seminar participants get to know Search Ads from Google. We will discuss for which products/services Ads make sense and whether campaigns should be implemented by yourself or with the help of an agency. In step-by-step instructions, participants receive all the information and tips they need to successfully implement their first campaign.
  • Google: Good to know
  • How Google Ads work
  • The right strategy: 7 steps to Ads success
  • 7 common mistakes to avoid
  • Pro Tips


Sustainable Tourism: Ideas & Communication

Participants receive an overview of sustainability in tourism and an orientation on certifications. You'll learn how the topic is perceived from the guests' point of view and how sustainability is optimally communicated. You'll receive many ideas that pay off for companies in a short time.
  • What sustainability means
  • Examples of measures and their implementation
  • How online portals highlight sustainable businesses
  • Communicate sustainability correctly: on site and online
  • Develop an action plan


Employer Branding: Attracting New Employees

How can you present yourself as an attractive employer? "Employer Branding" can help to find new employees and retain them in the long term.
  • What exactly is "Employer Branding"?
  • The competition for employees: Being a host, also for your own team
  • Job & online portals: How can I use them efficiently?
  • Best practices from the hotel industry
  • Development of ideas for an own guideline


1:1 Coaching for Service Providers (online or offline)

Our coaching offer is specifically designed for tourism organizations, hotel cooperations and hotel associations to make their partner companies "e-fit". In individual sessions, participants receive practical tips for more online sales.

Organization and services:

  • Individual consultation appointments (on site or online)
  • Preparation (mystery enquiry, brief analysis of the website, analysis of online reputation)
  • Tips and opportunities for improvement that are tailored to the business and can be implemented quickly


Keynote Speakers

Book one of the experts on hotel reviews & ratings, book-authors Alexander Fritsch and Holger Sigmund for a keynote speech or talk on current topics in eTourism. Topics are designed for 30 -45 minutes of speaking time, can be combined and individualized.

  • Managing Hotel Reviews: Expert tips for a positive online reputation
  • From Looking to Booking: Orientation in the online distribution jungle
  • Suprising Guests: Ideas for hoteliers to "wow" their customers
  • Mastering Guest Feedback: How to react professionally on location and online